Welcome to LGD Host

Integrated Digital Solutions for
Small Business.

LGD Host was created to cater to the needs of small and startup businesses. We found in our research that many small businesses do not have a web site. In interviewing the owners, we found a common set of reasons. They included:

  • Fear of or lack of knowledge of the use of a web site
  • Cost
  • Lack of time

We solve all of these concerns for our customers. We provide information on how a web site can help you and how it can add a level of credibility to your business. See our companion site at LGDSites.ca for more detail on this. We offer hosting that is simple and basic. We do the uploads, we do not offer slick user interfaces where you can control all aspects of your site. This is because the customers we seek do not want this either. They just want a company to take care of their hosting needs, and to not cost them a fortune. Because our hosting is simple, we can offer it at a bargain price.

We have had considerable success catering to these clients, and are not seeking large corporate sites. We are a small business, helping other small businesses.

For information on our hosting packages, to check on availabity of a domain name, or to access your account please use the hosting administration section.

Let Your Imagination Loose!
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